AiFractals::AiConfig Class Reference

A custom class for creating a Tab tools. More...

#include <aiconfig.hpp>

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void closed ()
 signal emitted within dialog box is closed
void zoomIn ()
 *forwarded* signal for button zoom-in
void zoomOut ()
 *forwarded* signal for button zoom-out
void zoomArea (bool enable)
 *forwarded* signal for button zoom-area
void horizontalMirror ()
 *forwarded* signal for button horizontal-mirror
void verticalMirror ()
 *forwarded* signal for button vertical-mirror
void clear ()
 *forwarded* signal for button clear
void rotation (int value)
 *forwarded* signal for dial rotation (value changed)
void refreshItems ()
 *forwarded* signal emiitted for refreshing a fractals list
void currentIndexChanged (int index)
 *forwarded* signal is sent whenever the currentIndex in the combobox changed
void debugFractal ()
 *forwarded* signal for a fractals debugging script
void currentThreads (int thread)
 *forwarded* signal for current threads number
void firstCompositionMode (int val)
 *forwarded* signal for current first composition mode index
void othersCompositionMode (int val)
 *forwarded* signal for current others compisition mode index
void runGenerator ()
 *forwarded* signal for running generator
void stopGenerator ()
 *forwarded* signal for stoping generator

Public Member Functions

 AiConfig (QWidget *parent=0)
 contructor with optional parent
 ~AiConfig ()
void activeTab (int id)
 set an active tab
void enabledChilds (bool e)
 enable and desable child's
void addItems (const QStringList &items)
 add items to combobox ( m_fractalsList ) and remove old items
const QString item (const int index)
 get an item string from index
const double getZoneWidth () const
 get a zone width
void setZoneWidth (double w)
 set a zone width
const double getZoneHeight () const
 get a zone height
void setZoneHeight (double h)
 set a zone height
const double getZoneMinX () const
 get a zone min x
void setZoneMinX (double x)
 set a zone min x
const double getZoneMinY () const
 get a zone min y
void setZoneMinY (double y)
 set a zone min y
const int getImageWidth () const
 get an image width
void setImageWidth (int w)
 set an image width
const int getImageHeight () const
 get an image height
void setImageHeight (int h)
 set an image height
const int getIterations () const
 get a number of iterations
void setIterations (int i)
 set a number of iteration
void setThreadsNumber (int n)
 set a threads number
void disableZoomArea ()
 disable/uncheck zoom area

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event)
 event fired within dialog box is closed

Private Attributes

QTabWidget * m_tabs
 toolbox tab

Detailed Description

A custom class for creating a Tab tools.

Adrabi Abderrahim

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