AiFractals::AiConfigTools Class Reference

A custom class for creating a Tab tools. More...

#include <aiconfigtools.hpp>

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void zoomIn ()
 signal for button zoom-in
void zoomOut ()
 signal for button zoom-out
void zoomArea (bool enable)
 signal for button zoom-area
void zoomAreaCheck (bool enable)
 signal for button zoom-area
void horizontalMirror ()
 signal for button horizontal-mirror
void verticalMirror ()
 signal for button vertical-mirror
void clear ()
 signal for button clear
void rotation (int value)
 signal for dial rotation (value changed)

Public Member Functions

 AiConfigTools (QWidget *parent=0)
 contructor with optional parent
void disableZoomArea ()
 disable/uncheck zoom area

Private Slots

void valueChanged (int value)
 slot for dial retation (value changed)
void sliderReleased ()
 slot fire retation(int) signal within QDial slider released

Private Attributes

int m_currentValue

Detailed Description

A custom class for creating a Tab tools.

Adrabi Abderrahim

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