AiFractals::AiConfigZone Class Reference

A custom class for creating a Complex Zone configuration Tab. More...

#include <aiconfigzone.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 AiConfigZone (QWidget *parent=0)
 contructor with optional parent
 ~AiConfigZone ()
const double getZoneWidth () const
 get a zone width
void setZoneWidth (double w)
 set a zone width
const double getZoneHeight () const
 get a zone height
void setZoneHeight (double h)
 set a zone height
const double getZoneMinX () const
 get a zone min x
void setZoneMinX (double x)
 set a zone min x
const double getZoneMinY () const
 get a zone min y
void setZoneMinY (double y)
 set a zone min y
const int getImageWidth () const
 get an image width
void setImageWidth (int w)
 set an image width
const int getImageHeight () const
 get an image height
void setImageHeight (int h)
 set an image height
const int getIterations () const
 get a number of iterations
void setIterations (int i)
 set a number of iteration

Private Attributes

QDoubleSpinBox * m_zoneWidth
 spin for zone width
QDoubleSpinBox * m_zoneHeight
 spin for zone height
QDoubleSpinBox * m_zoneMinX
 spin for zone min x
QDoubleSpinBox * m_zoneMinY
 spin for zone min y
QSpinBox * m_imageWidth
 spin for image width
QSpinBox * m_imageHeight
 spin for image height
QSpinBox * m_iterations
 spin for number iterations

Detailed Description

A custom class for creating a Complex Zone configuration Tab.

Adrabi Abderrahim

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