AiFractals::AiMainWindow Class Reference

A main window for AiFractals. More...

#include <aimainwindow.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 AiMainWindow ()
 default constructor
 ~AiMainWindow ()

Private Slots

void checkedToolbox ()
 change check box status (checked/or no)
void showToolbox (bool show)
 show or hide a tool box
void fileOpen ()
 slot for pening an image file
void fileSave ()
 slot for saving an image file ( theoretically generated fractal=) )
void fileSaveAs ()
 slot for saving an image as another name
void filePrint ()
 slot for printing an image
void fileClear ()
 slot for screen clearing
void fileQuit ()
 slot for quitting application
void zoomZoomIn ()
 slot for zooming in an image
void zoomZoomOut ()
 slot for zooming out an image
void zoomFitInWindow ()
 slot for fitting an image in window
void zoomFitToWindow ()
 slot for fitting an image to window
void zoom1600p ()
 slot for zooming 1600%
void zoom800p ()
 slot for zooming 800%
void zoom400p ()
 slot for zooming 400%
void zoom200p ()
 slot for zooming 200%
void zoom100p ()
 slot for zooming 100%
void zoom50p ()
 slot for zooming 50%
void zoom25p ()
 slot for zooming 25%
void zoom12_5p ()
 slot for zooming 12.5%
void zoom6_25p ()
 slot for zooming 6.25%
void imageHorizontalMirror ()
 slot for horizontal mirror
void imageVerticalMirror ()
 slot for virtical mirror
void imageRotation90 ()
 slot for Rotation 90
void imageRotationNigative90 ()
 slot for Rotation -90
void imageRotation180 ()
 slot for Rotation -180
void genRun ()
 slot for running generator
void genStop ()
 slot for stoping generator
void genThreadsNumbers ()
 slot for showing a tool box "generator tab"
void genChooseFractal ()
 slot for showing a tool box "fractals tab"
void complexZone ()
 slot for showing a tool box "complex zone"
void serialize ()
 serialize threads saving storing it, for another usage =)
void deserialize ()
 deserialize threads (zones) for generator
void helpHelp ()
 slot for showing help
void helpAbout ()
 slot for showing about me ;)
void toolsZoomArea (bool enable)
 slot for button zoom-area
void toolsRotation (int value)
 slot dial rotation (value changed)
void refreshItems ()
 slot for refreshing a fractals list
void currentIndexChanged (int index)
 slot to get currentIndex in the combobox changed
void debugFractal ()
 slot for a fractals debugging script
void currentThreads (int thread)
 slot for current threads number
void firstCompositionMode (int val)
 slot for current first composition mode index
void othersCompositionMode (int val)
 slot for current others compisition mode index
void runGenerator ()
 slot for running generator
void stopGenerator ()
 slot for stoping generator
void completed (AiGenerator::AiZone *zone)
 slot for updating view with new image in complex zone
void snapshot (AiGenerator::AiZone *zone)
 slot for updating view with new image in complex zone
void zoneZooming (int startx, int starty, int endx, int endy)
 current params for new zone
void enabledChilds (bool e)
 enable and desable child's
void undo ()

Private Member Functions

QPainter::CompositionMode forgeCompositionMode (int index)
 get a composition mode

Private Attributes

 pointer for configuration dialogbox (toolbox)
 pointer for toolbar
 pointer for menubar
 pointer for statusbar
 pointer for viewer-area
 poiter for history dialog
QString m_saveFile
 save file name,
int m_selectedFractalIndex
 fractal select index
int m_currentThreadsNumber
 current threads number
int m_startedThreads
 threads number in staring
QPainter::CompositionMode m_firstCompositionModeIndex
 first composition mode index
QPainter::CompositionMode m_othersCompositionModeIndex
 others composition mode index
QVector< AiGenerator::AiThread * > m_threads
 threads vector for setting and managing list of threads
QVector< QImage > m_storage
 stoge images by start ID
double m_viewX
 zoom view X value
double m_viewY
 zoom view Y value
double m_zoom
 zoom value
bool m_serialize
 for not cleaning a threads after be compilted =) and storing current data for serialization (GOD MODE xD)

Detailed Description

A main window for AiFractals.

Adrabi Abderrahim

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