AiGenerator::AiZone Class Reference

A custom class for creating a perfect complex zone. More...

#include <aizone.hpp>

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Public Slots

double getX ()
 get a min X in complex zone
double getY ()
 get a min Y in complex zone
double getZoneWidth ()
 get complex zone width
double getZoneHeight ()
 get complex zone height
int getImageWidth ()
 get image width
int getImageHeight ()
 get image height
int getStartPoint ()
 get complex zone start point
int getIncrement ()
 get complex zone increment point
int getIteration ()
 get complex zone itearation
unsigned int getPixel (int x, int y)
 get pixel at x,y from complex zone image
void setPixel (int x, int y, unsigned int rgb)
 set a pixel at x,y in image
void setPixel (int x, int y, int red, int green, int blue)
 set a pixel at x,y in image
void setPixels (int line, QList< int > pix)
 set pixels per line
bool cancel ()
 test for stopping all loops
void progress (int val)
 set progress bar current value
double getZoom ()
 get zoom value
double getViewX ()
 get zoom view X value
double getViewY ()
 get zoom view Y
bool valid (int x, int y)
 test if point exists in image
void sendSnapshot ()
 send a sanpshot to view
void beep ()
 send a beep sound
void initRandom (unsigned long long j=0)
 iniialize a random generator
unsigned long long generateUInt64 ()
 generate a random number
double generateDouble ()
 generate a random number
unsigned int generateUInt32 ()
 generate a random number
int getLastX () const
 return last X in width before serialization
int getLastY () const
 return last Y in height before serialization
int getLastIteration () const
 return last iteration before serialization
void setLastXYI (int x, int y, int i)
 set last X and Y for serialization


void progressStatus (int val)
 signal fired within progressbar value changed
void snapshot (AiGenerator::AiZone *zone)
 signal fired for getting a snapshot for current zone

Public Member Functions

 AiZone (const AiZone &zone)
 copy constructor
 AiZone (QObject *parent=0, double x=.0, double y=.0, double zoneWidth=.0, double zoneHeight=.0, int imageWidth=0, int imageHeight=0, int starPoint=0, int increment=0, int iteration=0, double zoom=1., double viewx=0., double viewy=0.)
 optional constructor for zone initialization
QImage & image ()
 get current complex zone image
void serialize (QDataStream &stream)
 zone objects serialisation
void deserialize (QDataStream &stream)
 zone objects deserialisation
AiZoneoperator= (const AiZone &rhs)
 opearator "assigne"

Public Attributes

volatile bool status
 genaration status if True generation continue, if False generation canceled

Private Attributes

double m_x
 min X in complex zone
double m_y
 min Y in complex zone
double m_zoneWidth
 zone width
double m_zoneHeight
 zone height
int m_imageWidth
 zone image width
int m_imageHeight
 zone image height
int m_startPoint
 zone start point
int m_increment
 zone increment point
int m_iteration
 iteartion count
double m_zoom
 zoom value
double m_viewX
 zoom view x value
double m_viewY
 zoom view y value
QImage m_image
 current zonz image
unsigned long long m_u
 variable for random numbers
unsigned long long m_v
unsigned long long m_w
int m_last_x
 last X before serialozation
int m_last_y
 last Y before serialization
int m_last_iteration
 last Itearation before serialization

Detailed Description

A custom class for creating a perfect complex zone.

Adrabi Abderrahim

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