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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
aiabout.cpp [code]
aiabout.hpp [code]
aicommand.cpp [code]
aicommand.hpp [code]
aiconfig.cpp [code]
aiconfig.hpp [code]
aiconfigfractals.cpp [code]
aiconfigfractals.hpp [code]
aiconfiggenerator.cpp [code]
aiconfiggenerator.hpp [code]
aiconfigtools.cpp [code]
aiconfigtools.hpp [code]
aiconfigzone.cpp [code]
aiconfigzone.hpp [code]
aihelp.cpp [code]
aihelp.hpp [code]
aihorizontalmargin.cpp [code]
aihorizontalmargin.hpp [code]
aimainwindow.cpp [code]
aimainwindow.hpp [code]
aimenubar.cpp [code]
aimenubar.hpp [code]
aistatusbar.cpp [code]
aistatusbar.hpp [code]
aithread.cpp [code]
aithread.hpp [code]
aitoolbar.cpp [code]
aitoolbar.hpp [code]
aiundodialog.cpp [code]
aiundodialog.hpp [code]
aiundomodel.cpp [code]
aiundomodel.hpp [code]
aiundoview.cpp [code]
aiundoview.hpp [code]
aiverticalmargin.cpp [code]
aiverticalmargin.hpp [code]
aiview.cpp [code]
aiview.hpp [code]
aiviewerarea.cpp [code]
aiviewerarea.hpp [code]
aizone.cpp [code]
aizone.hpp [code]
main.cpp [code]
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